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The Boratto Family farming business started in 1966, when Guido and Esterina Boratto and their 16-month-old son, Odino, migrated to Australia from Northern Italy. Guido started vegetable growing on rented land in Bacchus Marsh, working all day and then taking his produce to the wholesale Fruit and Vegetable market in Footscray to sell overnight. Esterina and Guido went on to have two more children, Andrew and Mary. Odino helped his father and mother on the farm from a very young age and showed a great passion for vegetable growing and farming.

In 1983 the Boratto family bought their first farm, a small 9-acre property in Lerderderg Street, Bacchus Marsh and continued growing vegetables. Soon Odino was working on the farm full-time and has now expanded the Boratto Farms land holdings to approx. 400 acres in the Bacchus Marsh district.

Today Boratto Farms not only has Odino working, but also his sons Joe and Dominic who are as passionate about farming as their father. Always striving to be the best and introducing new technologies to their farming practices.

Boratto Farms Pty Ltd is a supplier to the Australian fresh produce market and to Australian salad processors. Boratto Farms prides itself on growing excellent quality produce using the best technology available.

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